Diamond Grille Security at Homemakers Lifestyle

Diamond Grille Security at Homemakers Lifestyle

Superior Security With Visisafe Diamond Grilles


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Diamond Grilles Security


Security is becoming an ever increasing requirement for homeowners today. Whether you are looking to upgrade your business or home, Homemakers Lifestyle is committed to providing you with the toughest security screens in Australia.


Diamond Grille Security Screens are a popular and economical solution to provide a barrier designed to discourage intruders. As a customisable screen, it can be shaped and installed to fit multiple spaces without sacrificing power and strength. Its wide range of applications and uses means Crimsafe is the widely preferred security screen system. Crimsafe provides unparalleled security and a myriad of added benefits. 

Regardless of the style, colour or size, Crimsafe technology is engineered for industry leading security solutions.

Diamond Grilles - window grills
Diamond Grilles - front yard
Diamond Grilles -  - grille installation
Diamond Grilles -  - grille installation

The Benefits of Diamond Grilles

Diamond security grilles are an ideal low-cost security solution that is good looking does not minimise the risk of intruders. Designed by Crimsafe to be industry leading diamond security screens, a diamond grille’s strength comes from its distinctive diamond mesh pattern.

Made from 7mm aluminium and pressed into an aluminium frame, Visisafe diamond grilles can be easily matched to existing window and door colours. 

These diamond grille fittings are custom made to ensure the perfect fit, no matter the size of your window opening. Additionally, if you have windows on the ground floor or near fire escapes, Crimsafe Safe-S-Capes offers a keyless emergency exit while also providing unrivalled intruder protection.


Crimsafe’s industry-leading technology makes it the strongest security screen system on the market. To ensure the highest quality protection and durability, Crimsafe is put through rigorous testing.


Not only is Crimsafe mesh designed to keep out intruders, but it offers protection against insects, hail and flying debris. Crimsafe offers radiant heat protection and can help slow the spread of fire.


One of the greatest benefits of Crimsafe is the ability to enjoy the fresh air, without compromising on security. They are ideal for when you wish to leave your window open while still providing a deterrent.


Crimsafe’s durable mesh screens are harder to cut and penetrate, keeping unwanted guests and intruders at bay. To ensure reliable protection and durability, Crimsafe is put through rigorous testing.


Crimsafe mesh blocks up to 53% of solar heat gain, 62% of UV rays and limits heat escaping during cold weather. Crimsafe helps you enjoy the fresh air and save on energy bills!


Crimsafe utilises tamper resistant screws and metal clamps that grip the frame with unparalleled strength. This gives Crimsafe screens the strength it needs to withstand and absorb large amounts of force and impact.

Diamond Grilles - front yard

Security Screens

If it’s not Crimsafe — it’s not ‘crim-safe’

Quality Diamond Grilles

When you choose diamond grilles security, you can be assured of a custom installation that is designed to provide superior security for your home

Visisafe Diamond Grilles are security screens that feature:


  • Standard 7mm thickness
  • Tempered aluminium
  • Meets the shear strength requirement of Australian Security Door Standard AS2803
  • Fixed, sliding, or hinged styles
  • Range of standard colours
  • Each door and grille is custom made for optimum fit
  • Includes fly mesh
  • Various options for triple-locks, snib guards, one-way vision mesh, superfine screen mesh, paw proof mesh and more.

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