Quality Blinds For Your Home

Homemakers Lifestyle Are Your Leaders in Home Improvements

Quality Blinds For Your Home

Homemakers Lifestyle Are Your Leaders in Home Improvements

Homemakers Lifestyle Are Your Leaders in Blinds, Curtains And Venetians.

Quality Blinds For Your Home

Homemakers Lifestyle Are Your Leaders in Home Improvements

Homemakers Lifestyle Are Your Leaders in Blinds, Curtains And Venetians.

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Window Fittings are often overlooked when it comes to the style and design of a home. However, boasting a range of benefits, there is no denying the style and function of quality blinds.
Whether you’re looking for blinds for your bedroom, living room or dining room, you’ll find everything you need at the Homemakers Lifestyle. Our extensive collection of window coverings includes everything from timber-look Venetians and roman to vertical drapes, zebra and panel glides – blinds are perfect for indoor and outdoor use.
We are committed to providing innovative products that enhance your quality of life. With well-designed and custom-installed window fitting, our stylish window coverings are professionally made using the highest quality components that are backed by our superior service. If you are looking for quality window fittings, get in touch with our friendly team today!


Window fittings blinds are available in a countless number of styles, colours, and patterns, allowing you to create the ideal design for your kitchen, living room, or bathroom.


Adding permanent window fittings like blinds are a great way to add value to your home, hosting benefits that both current and future homeowners can enjoy.


In addition to the privacy, they offer, blinds also improve the energy efficiency of a home. When closed, they reflect light away from the home limiting the heat that enters.


With slats designed to tilt, fully open and close, blinds offer the ability to entirely block out a room from view and keep passers-by from seeing into a home’s interior. 

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Made in Australia with Custom Local Craftmanship

Invest In High Quality Blinds

When it comes to windows, blinds are one of the most important features of your home. Thanks to their design and versatility, they have a transformative power that adds style to any room. When compared to curtains and shades blinds are a great investment, boasting a number of styles, colours and finishes to suit any home.


While they add charm and sophistication to your home, high-quality window fittings that are properly installed offer a number of practical benefits. They can influence the lifespan of your furniture, quality of sleep and the amount you pay in energy bills. However, with so many styles to choose from, finding the right one for your needs isn’t always as easy as you thought! Whether you’re looking for privacy, style or both, it can be a daunting task to choose quality window blinds.


Unsure about what you need? Let us help you find the best window fitting based on your budget and personal style. Whether it’s a roller or Venetian you are looking for, we have a range of colours and styles to help you achieve the perfect look.


Beautiful window treatments can make or break a home! Choosing a style of blind is a good starting point for deciding the right quality blinds for you.


While these can enhance any room, the style also needs to reflect your room, its theme and your personal taste. Knowing how you want your window treatments to complement your home can make shopping for blinds all the easier!


Depending on your needs and space, different blinds and materials are better suited for different rooms.


For rooms that see lots of moisture, such as kitchens and bathrooms, PVC and aluminium blinds are ideal. Specially designed to withstand moisture, they are easy to clean and resist mould growth.

Window Size

Knowing the size of the windows you wish to cover helps in choosing your blinds more wisely. 


Vertical and roller blinds are ideal for homes that have larger, wider windows, where vertical blinds are recommended for smaller, narrow windows. Choosing the right blind for your window size helps to maximise space and visually balance a room.

Room Size & Function

With a range of styles come a range of functions as different blinds open and close differently. Considering the size and function of your space is crucial in picking the right blinds.


Ease of use and access are important to keep in mind as you need to be able to reach the cord or wand easily. 

Light Control

The amount of light you wish to have in a room plays a large role in deciding on the type of blind you choose.


Blinds are the ideal choice for rooms that need to be kept dim and dark. The slatted design of blinds easy blocks out most light and can easily be adjusted depending on how much light you need.

Privacy Control

Most blinds are designed with privacy in mind. The adjustability allows you to decide how much your neighbours and passersby can see of the interior of your home.


Blinds offer the privacy that other window treatments, such as curtains, simply cannot. Unlike curtains that can be blown open, when fully closed, blinds do not have gaps through which passersby can look into 

Expertly Made Blinds With Homemakers

Homemakers Lifestyle are a family-based supplier of quality blinds to clients across the Sunshine Coast. With years of experience, we are dedicated to providing the finest home improvement experience for you.
We believe that buying your blinds shouldn’t be a chore. We provide custom window treatments in a wide range of styles, finishes and colours. No matter how big or small your window dressing needs are, we’ll work with you to find the perfect solution.
We make it easy with in-home consultation to help you select your options. Get in touch today and experience the best service on the Sunshine Coast

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Homemakers Lifestyle

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Zebra Blinds

Make a statement with these unique Zebra blinds. The striped fabric rolls continuously around in the headbox until the desired spacing is achieved, either half open to let the light in or closed to shut the light out.

Vertical Drapes

Vertical blinds are an everlasting favourite. Now with chainless weights and slimline track for even a more comtemptory look, the vertical blinds has kept up with all it’s rivals with innovation.

Timber and Timberlook Venetians

Still versatile and still very affordable, the Timber Venetian has earned its right to stay as a major player in Window treatments. Our Timber Look style timber venetians represent great value for money.

Slimline Aluminium Venetians

The Slimeline Aluminium Venetians fantastically keeps out external light, provide absolute privacy and come in over fifty fashion colours to choose from to ensure the perfect match for your decor.

Roman Blinds

The roman blinds is becoming increasingly popular with clients who are looking for something special. Plain or with Battens – it’s your choice. Supply your own fabric if you like.

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are a very contemporary and cost effective alternative to Vertical Drapes and Venetian Blinds for your windows. Roller Blinds also provide great privacy or sun control.

Panel Glides

Panel Slides are graceful and very functional with a smooth and effortless wand operating system. The Panel Glide works well in all situations including open plan living with wide sliding doors.

External Venetian

Give your home the Wow factor with our “External” Motorised Aluminium Venetians.


Compliment the rest of your window furnishings with our up to date range of sheers and decorative fabrics. Our finishing touches will add style and warmth to any room.


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